MORPHO-SYNTHESIS Inc. is a multidisciplinary creative company that specializes in Industrial Design and Graphic Design services. We are design managers particularly skilled in 3D visualization, virtual prototyping, brand development, augmented reality and so on. It is due to our extensive knowledge within this field that we have come to emphasize the importance of using design as a tool to solve problems with innovative solutions and/or products. The majority of our projects are related to retail design, packaging design and products for the retail design industry. We also emphasize a respectful balance between the environment, people and economy.

We think of ourselves as orchestrators of creativity; we make things.


MORPHO-SYNTHENSIS Inc. TEST believes in design excellence and superior customer service. We also believe in the establishment of adaptability, and therefore, we primarily implement modularity design to develop reusable and updateable systems. This, in turn, provides our clients with the opportunity to implement cost effective materials with well-designed products, fixtures and displays.


Juan Camacho

Juan Camacho

Juan Camacho, a graduate from George Brown College with honours in the Design Management program, is an Industrial Designer and Design Manager. He has widespread experience in modular systems design, store planning and fixtures development, exhibitions, branding, and products. As a founding partner of Morpho-Synthesis Inc., Juan provides complete store planning and customer experience development for interior retail environments. He has developed projects for many recognized retailers in Canada and the United States, including, but not limited to, Umbra, Levi’s, and The Bay. Also, he has worked and developed new concepts for important trade show displays, as well as art installations for the design industry in Canada, such as, IDDEX, IDS, “Move” Transportation Expo, and Nuit Blanche. All the while, Juan is part of the faculty at the Institute without Boundaries (IwB), wherein he is involved in the development of products and Design Skills workshops. Similarly, he teaches 3D Visualization, Drafting and Ergonomics for the Interaction Design program at George Brown College.